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Best Karaoke Games for PS4

Do you find singing karaoke exciting? When you sing karaoke at events, is it difficult to wait for your next turn? Well, you’re not alone. Many people enjoy the experience of singing karaoke (even if their singing isn’t that great).

One reason why most people like karaoke is that it relieves your stress. When you release endorphins in your brain by singing, you feel so much better and your mood is immediately improved. If you’re feeling sad, just grab a mic, hit the power switch of your Playstation and sing along with one of these great PS4 karaoke games.

#1 We Sing 2 – Mic Bundle – Playstation 4 – Bundle Edition

If you want an authentic studio experience, you can certainly get it with the We Sing 2 Mic Bundle Edition. You can go solo with this edition or sing with up to nine of your friends for a great party time. You can sing along with the biggest hits of five decades and the recording stars including David Bowie, Abba, and Sai. This edition allows you to use your smartphone, the free We Sing Mic App, and the compatible USB microphone to create a studio experience.


  • You can sing the hottest hits with the best artists of all times. The original recordings of these artists and their HD videos from five decades are included.
  • When you download the free We Sing Mic app, you can connect up to four USB microphones and sing with up to ten friends as well.
  • In your imaginary world, you can become a star as you rock solo or sing with your friends.
  • With six game modes, you can sing in the We Sing mode to score with your friends or compete alone in the Sing-Off mode.
  • The original instrumental recordings included will give you a true karaoke experience as you sing with your favorite artists.

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#2 We Sing Pop 2 (PS4 Edition)

This is one of the most interactive games on the list. The We Sing Pop 2 is a game that allows users to sing karaoke to some of today’s biggest hits. Not only are the hits from today, but they are from yesterday as well. This karaoke game comes with 5 decades of pop songs for users to select from. When you use this game you will not be disappointed.

We Sing Pop 2 comes with 2 USB microphones for users to sing along. There are 8 game modes. Users can sing along solo, or with others. When you are using this game not only will you get the latest and original hits but you will also get to see the original music video for the song you are singing. Whichever mode you are singing in you will have fun with this game.

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