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Best Karaoke Games for PS3

It can be difficult in this day and age to find something that the entire family will enjoy doing together. Everyone loves music, so why not incorporate it into your family time by choosing one of the following Karaoke games for the PlayStation 3.

If you’ve got a PS3 sitting around and need to find something exciting to do with the family, then pick your favorite game from the list and grab your microphone to start jamming with your loved ones!
You can choose to sing as a unit in some of the titles or decide to battle it out to see who has the best vocals. No matter how you decide to play, you and your family are bound to have a blast!

#1 Karaoke Revolution: Presents American Idol Encore 2 With Microphone

Just about every game on this list comes with its own microphone. However, not every game is made to recognize vocal pitch and rhythm accurately or to score an individual on their singing skills fairly.

There are over 40 songs to sing your heart out to in Karaoke Revolution: Presents American Idol Encore 2 and many different play styles for players to choose.

One of the most impressive bonuses of purchasing this game is that you can download the content from the first title to play on the second version as well. Being able to add on the songs that were included in the first game make it feel as though you are getting two for the price of one!

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#2 X-Factor

Choose from 28 songs from popular categories like Rock, Pop, R&B, and Country. Players can unlock bonus tracks, customize their avatar, or compete to be called the winner of X Factor by playing this game.

Everything in the show is represented correctly in the X-Factor karaoke game.

X-Factor is the perfect game to add to your library if you’ve ever wondered if you had what it takes to be on a singing competition.

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#3 Karaoke Revolution (Bundle)

There are more than 50 licensed master tracks to sing along with in Karaoke Revolution which is rated 66 on Most karaoke games only have about 30 songs, so this hefty playlist is a refreshing change from the norm.
Another feature that sets Karaoke Revolution aside from the rest is that you can choose between 10 different venues in which you would like to perform.

You can also choose to use the Custom Venue Creator, which will allow you to create your stage and play a video in the background for the entirety of your song.

Karaoke Revolution feels more like a rockstar simulator than a karaoke game at times. However, the fact that you can also play with up to 8 people at once in party mode makes this an excellent karaoke title for parties and events.

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Now that you have an idea of the karaoke games available to you out there choose the one you think your family or friends will enjoy the most, grab a few extra microphones, and start singing your heart out! Keep in mind, that not all of the games come with a perfect mic, so having a few extra on hand is always a good idea when investing in games like these!

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