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The Best Karaoke DVDs

Karaoke DVDs can be a viable way to bring karaoke night to your house without having to purchase an expensive or intrusive machine. Buying DVDs rather than actual karaoke machines can not only save your family space, but it can be a bit gut wrenching when you spend a good deal of money on a product that ends up collecting dust on a shelf or hiding in a closet the majority of the time.

If you are interested in purchasing a few karaoke DVDs to sing to with your friends and family, then stick around while we show you some of the best DVDs we could find on the market.

#1 Luke Bryan’s Greatest Karaoke Hits

The best available karaoke DVD on is the karaoke song collection of Luke Bryan. In addition to the DVD buyers also receive a Karaoke CD+G which is made to be played on a karaoke machine. This special type of CD includes graphics, so that the lyrics of the song are displayed while its running.

This hit DVD / CD+G combo package includes 10 tracks in total which come from all of Luke’s 5 studio albums I’ll Stay Me, Doin My Thing, Tailgates and Tanlines, Crash My Party, and Kill The Lights.

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#2 VocoPro Party DVD Volume 5

The huge collection of 100 of the best (western) karaoke songs ever runs under the name of VocoPro Party DVD Volume 5. Like the other four volumes sold by the same company, VocoPro Party Volume 5 is quite expensive. However, for the price you get 100 different songs.

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#3 VocoPro Karaokeparty DVD Volume 3

With hits like “A Million to One” by Jimmy Charles, “Alone…” from Heart, Frank Sinatra’s “Summer Wind” o “Sex Machine” sang by James Brown it is easy to get a Karaokeparty going. Unfortunately the third volume of VocoPro DVD is quite expensive.

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#4 VocoPro Karaokeparty DVD Volume 2

This is an incredible karaoke DVD that gives you 100 songs which definitely count as the best ones created for karaoke. Most of songs are easy to recognize and great to sing along. So why wait, better start your next karaoke party of with those hit songs.

Enjoy singing along to some of your all-time favorite songs from the most famous artists worldwide.

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